Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your session times as requested

I have the full MIFF guide. In fact, I have four of them, no less. MIFF Executive Director announced some small but significant changes to the guide this year. The synopses have been reduced from 180 to 130 words. They are this year, he claims, less sales talk and more informative, using “active” words, whatever that means.

Most importantly, from a usability perspective (and these guides can be damn hard to navigate), the session times now appear with the synopses. Much applause greeted this announcement. Still, the guide is a bitch to get through, as usual, but what can you do when there’s nearly 300 feature films? The type is very small, so I’m sorry if there’s any typos in info I’ve provided. The booking codes are particularly difficult to read, and they wouldn't fit in the table below.

Without further ado, here are the session times for films requested. Try cutting and pasting them into Word or Excel. For any other session times, check out tomorrow’s Age for the lift-out guide. Remember, online bookings open tomorrow at around 11am. Thanks for sharing your film priorities. If anyone would like to join my private Google calendar for MIFF, drop me an email so I can add you. I got the idea from Matt from Last Night with Riviera. We can check out what each other is planning to see and may be catch up at times.

Title Day Date Time Venue
4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days Sat 4 Aug 9:15 PM Forum

Sun 12 Aug 5:10 PM Regent
A Few Days in September Thu 2 Aug 5:00 PM Capitol

Thu 9 Aug 7:10 PM Regent
Brand Upon the Brain! Sun 5 Aug 5:10 PM Regent

Wed 8 Aug 9:20 PM Forum
Corroborree Fri 27 Jul 7:20 PM ACMI

Sat 11 Aug 3:00 PM GU
Fay Grim Sun 5 Aug 7:20 PM Regent

Sat 11 Aug 9:40 PM Regent
I Don't Want to Sleep Alone Wed 1 Aug 9:15 PM Forum

Sun 5 Aug 5:15 PM Capitol
Inland Empire Tue 7 Aug 9:00 PM ACMI

Thu 9 Aug 9:15 PM Forum
Mister Lonely Fri 27 Jul 7:00 PM Capitol

Sun 12 Aug 1:00 PM Regent
Mourning Forest Sat 28 Jul 1:00 PM Capitol

Sun 12 Aug 1:00 PM Forum
Night Fri 3 Aug 7:00 PM Regent
Out of the Blue Sat 4 Aug 9:10 PM Capitol

Fri 10 Aug 7:00 PM Regent
Savage Grace Fri 27 Jul 9:15 PM Capitol

Sun 12 Aug 3:00 PM Forum
Snow Angels Sat 28 Jul 7:15 PM Capitol

Sat 11 Aug 7:40 PM Regent
Still Life Fri 27 Jul 7:10 PM Forum

Tue 7 Aug 7:00 PM Regent
Syndromes and a Century Fri 3 Aug 9:10 PM Forum

Wed 8 Aug 7:00 PM Regent
The Ballad of Narayama Thu 2 Aug 12:30 PM Forum
The Boss of It All Fri 3 Aug 9:15 PM Regent

Fri 10 Aug 5:00 PM Regent
The Bubble Sat 28 Jul 9:30 PM Capitol

Tue 7 Aug 9:10 PM Regent
The Man From London Wed 8 Aug 9:10 PM Regent

Sun 12 Aug 5:00 PM Forum
Time Tue 31 Jul 9:00 PM GU

Thu 9 Aug 3:00 PM Forum
Tuya's Marriage Thu 26 Jul 1:00 PM Forum

Sun 29 Jul 3:10 PM Forum
You, the Living Sat 4 Aug 7:20 PM Capitol

Sun 12 Aug 11:00 AM Regent


Kamikaze Camel said...

So I don't think I'm getting tickets. The site doesn't work for me! I try to get my serial number from my account and all I get is "ONLINE SALES CLOSED" and I can't access it. I even tried to just buy a single ticket (not on my pass) for Inland Empire and when I go to checkout I get error messages.

I am so angry right now.

trent said...

Yeah the ticketing system is fucked up--the website is full of errors and wrong information and the way the program is set up is pretty ridiculous. I had a feeling it would be like this based on the lack of any real updates to the site in the last few weeks. I wish I had a copy of The Age with the actual program, I wonder where I can buy one around here...

Kamikaze Camel said...

Okay, I finally got it working. I was still getting that Online Sales Closed message for a while. Once I finally got in I guess it was pretty easy to follow (with the Age thing it was much easier).

But, yeah, strange.

Thankfully I'm booked for the Aug 7 showing of Inland Empire at ACMI!

Paul Martin said...

It's the rush. People are blitzing the site and the numbers are exceeding its capacity. The good news, as Glenn has found, is once you're in, it's very fast and efficient. It took me about 30-40 attempts too book for Inland Empire and once I had the connection, I could add another 15 without problems. So work out what you want to see and add them as a batch. When you're finished you can print the list out.

Trent, I'm adding mine to the calendar. When Matt R did something similar at SFF, he put the names of attendees in the first field. The benefit is you don't have to edit the item to see the attendees. I might give that a try.

trent said...

Yep it's all good now. The site is still pretty poor but I've booked what I want to see and somehow I'm heading down for the festival. I've added them to the calendar.

Ziggy said...

Inland Empire, here we come

marty said...

Just booked Inland Empire. I will only book other films later on if they start running out of tickets which they always warn you before they sell out.

Paul Martin said...

I've booked for:
Inland Empire
Mister Lonely
Syndromes and a Century
The Man From London
Shotgun Stories
The Monastery
Savage Grace
The Mourning Forest
A Sister's Love
Woman on the Beach
Out of the Blue
Brand Upon the Brain
Fay Grim

But I have a whole lot more yet to book, once I've had a better look at the guide over the weekend. Those are the ones I wanted to ensure I had a seat to.

Matthew said...

I've booked for 78 sessions.

And Inland Empire isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Nice work again, Paul. As predicted the MIFF site didn't cope with the rush. Releasing tickets one week before the festival start is rather too late, I suppose.
If there's still tickets for IE left I'll book one tomorrow. Have not found 10 films I'd like to see to fill a mini pass. Huh.
Definitely go and see: Times and Winds. Wonderful stuff.


Paul Martin said...

Thanks for the pointer, gheist. I had made a mental note to check out more Turkish cinema after seeing Ceylan's sublime Iklimer (Climates), which was my favourite film at last year's MIFF. I also noted that Sydney screened it this year as part of a focus on Turkish cinema, so I might just check out Erdem's film.

MIFF ticketing opens almost 2 weeks prior to opening, and like everyone else, I would prefer more time. But whatever date it opens, there will always be an opening crush, like a Myer stocktake sale. The biggest crush is the opening, and it appears to have settled already.

I think the mini-pass is worth getting if you're planning to see more than 5 films. Then you can just go and experiment with the remaining 5 + 3. With 6 films you break even, so if you see all 13, you're getting excellent value.

As for Matt, 78 films?! Man, I'd go crazy. How do you do it? I want to break up the festival experience with breaks between films where possible, maybe attending some film-related events, talks, etc.

Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but film is obviously an individual experience that differs widely from person to person, cinephile to cinephile.

Marty said...

In previous years, I purchased a festival passport and, like Matthew, booked about 60 films but I didn't end up going to all of them. I would normally see around 35-40 films instead. If Matthew does see all 78 films then he may well be breaking the MIFF record. I like to see 1-2 films on weeknights and around 3-4 on the weekend days.

Paul Martin said...

Marty, by my calculation, it is physically possible to see up to 103 sessions (MIFF claims over 100). I'm sure there are people out there who set themselves the target of going to every session, and achieve it.

We'll probably see about the same number of films, though I'm taking time off work to do it. Drop me an email if you'd like to catch up during MIFF.