Saturday, July 21, 2007

MIFF Films With A Release

Thanks to the super-sleuth efforts of Richard Watts at Man About Town, I have been able to collate further information about the films screening at MIFF that have a commercial release. The complete list of films screening that I posted some time ago indicates with an asterisk those with a release. Somehow or other, Richard has ascertained the distributors for most of these films. Putting that info together with the release dates I'm aware of, we have the list below.

The main benefit of this information is that we don't have to run around MIFF trying to squeeze in films that can be seen in the comfort of a commercial distribution. As I've mentioned previously, one needs to bear in mind that 'commercial release' could mean straight to DVD (and where known, this is indicated). The sheer number of titles being released by Madman Entertainment, for example, should indicate that some or perhaps most of these will go straight to DVD. On the other hand, Fay Grim is being released by Village Roadshow, which almost certainly will get a theatrical release (but I've booked a ticket and will see it at MIFF regardless).

The following list of 62 films shows the title, distributor and release date (where known). I have emailed most of the distributors below for further information, which I will update here as it comes to hand:

[Updated 24/7/07]
These titles are confirmed or likely to be released straight-to-DVD have been removed from the below list. They are: Syndromes and a Century, Out of the Blue, El Topo, The Holy Mountain, A Few Days in September, The Blood of Yingzhou District, Snoop Doggs Hood of Horror & Promised Paradise (likely, TBC). Some release dates have changed, most notably Rescue Dawn.


4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days - Kojo - expected by October
Aachi & Ssipak - Madman - ?
After the Wedding
- Arkles - 16/8/07
Away From Her - Dendy - 27/9/07
- Hopscotch - 22/11/07
Black Sheep - Icon - 16/8/07
Black Snake Moan - Paramount - 2/8/07
Blind Mountain - ? - ?
Control - Dendy - 25/10/07
Conversations With My Gardener - Paramount - 23/8/07
Day Watch - 20th Century Fox - 13/9/07
Deep Water - Hopscotch - ?
Dirty Carnival, A - Madman - ?
Dirty Three - Madman - ?
Eagle vs Shark
- Icon - ?
- Madman - ?
Fay Grim - Village - ?
Fido - ? - ?
Forbidden Lie$ - Palace - ?
Grace is Gone - Village - ?
Heartbreak Hotel - Paramount - ?
Home Song Stories, The - Dendy - 23/8/07
I Served the King of England - Paramount - ?
Indigenes - Madman - ?
Inland Empire - Dendy - 'late 2007'
Irina Palm - Sharmill - 20/9/07
Joe Strummer: the Future is Unwritten - Dendy - 13/9/07
Joshua - 20th Century Fox - ?
Lady Chatterley - Hopscotch - 18/10/07
Lagerfeld Confidential - Hopscotch - ?
Mighty Heart, A - Paramount - 30/8/07
My Kid Could Paint That - Sony - ?
Night - Dendy - 2008
Once - Icon - 30/8/07
Out of the Blue - Dendy - TBC
Paprika - Sony - ?
Red Road - ? - ?
Reprise - Madman - ?
Rescue Dawn - Hopscotch - 8/11/07
Searching 4 Sandeep - Hopscotch - 20/9/07
September - Hopscotch - 25/10/07
Severance - Icon - ?
Sicko - Village - 9/8/07
Signal, The - Madman - ?
Stephanie Daley - Madman - ?
Strange Culture - Madman - ?
Teeth - Village - ?
Tekkonkinkreet - Sony - ?
This is England - Madman - 16/8/07
Vitus - Rialto - 27/9/07
Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory, A - Madman - ?
Words from the City - Madman - ?
Workshop, The - Hopscotch - ?
Year of the Dog - Paramount - ?


Matt said...

Thanks Paul, that's really useful work!


- Lady Chatterley is Sep. 6th
- Rescue Dawn has been pushed back to Oct. 18th
- Nobody Knows has already been released, I think
- September comes out... in Oct.
- Irina Palm is Sept. 20th nationally

Perhaps we should schedule a MIFF bloggers meetup?

Paul Martin said...


Thanks for the input. According to the latest Hopscotch release bulletin, Lady Chatterley and Rescue Dawn are being released on the dates I posted, so for now I will leave as is (I'm expecting a new bulletin shortly).

Nobody Knows is out on DVD now, and I've emailed the distributor for confirmation of whether it has a theatrical release planned (their website indicates they have 35mm print/s available).

I'm not sure where I got the date for September, but I'd be happy to cross-check with your source (if you'd like to share).

I wasn't aware that Irina Palm had a release date. I've not seen that from either MIFF or the distributor bulletins. I'd also be interested to know where you got that date from?

Meetup sounds good; which Matt are you? (I know three on here, and the link to your profile doesn't work).

I have ascertained some further information:
- El Topo and The Holy Mountain are out on DVD for sale on 13/9/07, apparently as a boxed set.
- A Few Days in September gets a DVD rental release date of 12/9/07
- Snoop Doggs Hood of Horror is going straight to DVD

I'll update the above post accordingly.

Marty said...

I believe Nobody Knows was released some time ago in cinemas around 2005/2006 and it's only screening here as part of focus on director.

Marty said...

It's not really a film festival but rather a promo for local distributors.

Paul Martin said...

Marty, Sharmill have confirmed that there is no further release of Nobody Knows so I have removed it from the list. The error came from MIFF, I believe.

I know what you're saying about the distributors, but nearly 80% of the films screening won't be seen outside of MIFF in this city (unless you get a download or DVD).

Marty said...

I noticed that Rochard Watts listed The Divine Bell and the Butterfly as a Sharmill release but this is not screening at MIFF, is it?

Paul Martin said...

Marty, as I have mentioned to Richard, that film is not listed by MIFF at all.

Marty said...

It's the new film by Julian Scnabel that played in Cannes. Was actually hoping it was going to screen at MIFF. Maybe, it's a surprise film at the end of the festival?

Marty said...

Paul, I als know that ZOO also has a distributor but not sure which one. It definitely has sold to a local distributor.

Paul Martin said...

Thanks for that Marty. The distributor is THINKfilm, but it's unclear whether the film has a theatrical or DVD release, or whether it has any release in Autralia outside of the festivals.