Monday, July 02, 2007

Calendar of Film Events

Regular visitors to Melbourne Film Blog will notice there's a new feature in the sidebar. I'm currently experimenting with a film calendar to provide information about coming film events. I'm using a Google Calendar but I'm open to other possibilities if anyone knows of a better option.

I've been maintaining a separate film calendar in Outlook at home for over a year, and if anyone knows how I can synchronise my blog calendar to my Outlook calendar, that would be fantastic.

I'm thinking of adding dates, times and locations for special screenings such as ACMI and Astor, special events, Q&A sessions, etc. I might also add release dates for all films (which I'm doing in Outlook, as I get the dates from distributors), but this is less important to me as most releases don't interest me.

The Melbourne Film Blog calendar can be subscribed to, but I haven't the time right now to research what specifically means and what's involved. So, you're all a bright lot, someone out there who knows more than I is free to educate me and the rest.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, meanwhile, be patient as it's a work in progress.


Matt Riviera said...

I used a google calendar for the Sydney Film Festival.

I invited 15 of my friends to become administrators of the calendar. Each person added their names to the films they were seeing at the Festival.

The result is we all had a complete schedule of who was attending what during the event. Meaning we could easily hook up for a coffee and a chat about the films we'd just seen. It was brilliant.

Paul Martin said...

I hadn't thought about that one, Matt, which sounds like a great idea. I take it you mean just a plain Google calendar, not embedded in a blog or website? I'll start giving that some thought and at least starting up a separate calendar. I assume it was a private calendar?