Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MIFF Inland Empire sold out

[update: see Inland Empire release date]

I predicted several weeks ago that Inland Empire would be the first film to sell out at MIFF. Yesterday I reported that the first session had sold out. I'm not sure how accurate my prediction was, but sure enough, the second session has now sold out as well. There are no more tickets for Inland Empire available at all. We're still waiting on Dendy Films for a release date (I received an email from them yesterday stating that no date has yet been set), other than 'the last quarter of 2007'.

The following is basically straight from MIFF's website:

Events that have sold out:

  • Vitus, 10am Fri 27 July at ACMI
  • Inland Empire, 9pm Tue 7 August at ACMI
  • Spicks and Specks Trivia Night, 7pm Thu 9 August at Coopers Festival Club at the Forum (more tickets may be released)
  • Inland Empire, 9.15pm Thu 9 August at the Forum
  • This is England, Sun 12 Aug at the Regent

Other sessions flagged as “selling fast”:

  • Still Life, 7.10pm Fri 27 July at the Forum
  • Azur and Asmar, Fri 10 August at ACMI


Marty said...

Paul, where do youn find the info about the sessions that are sold out and selling fast as I can't see it on the MIFF website?

Paul Martin said...


From the MIFF homepage, click on TICKETS & MERCH on the top menu (under the main image).
Then click on Single Tickets near the top of the side menu.
You'll see 50 sessions on each screen, and just browse through each batch of 50. You'll see the info marked in red (sold out) or orange (selling fast).

It'd be good if the above info were available either on the main page, or if there was a link from the main page, with just minimal info as in my post.

I'm collating a long list of suggestions as to how they can improve their website usability, and have even gone in to their office to discuss the same. Feel free to offer your own suggestions that I can perhaps add to my list (which I'll send after the festival) - there's terrific scope for improvement.

Anonymous said...



Al said...

Hi Paul - some invaluable work you're doing here collating the MIFF info that MIFF doesn't provide - thanks!

One suggestion for your list of desired modifications to their online systems: in the Diary system, something to help work out clashes... at the moment, if I have, say, a session in my diary for 7pm on 27 July, then select a different session also at that exact time, then the old one is overwritten and I have no idea that I've tagged two clashing sessions. Ideally it should allow both sessions to be entered, but with a change of color (red probably) indicating clashing sessions. How this would work for two sessions at say 7.00 and 7.10 I'm not sure. Obviously they are clashing but how this would work programming-wise could get tricky.

This Diary thing is something I dreamt of years ago (back then I just did it by hand myself, pen-and-paper style!), and it's now getting close, but still needs some tweaking!

Paul Martin said...

Thanks Al, I've added your suggestion to my list of recommendations. Someone sent me something they'd done towards what you're suggestion, but I'm darned if I can find it. I could do something like that myself (one of my skills is programming), but it would take a reasonable amount of time. It's actually not that difficult, but debugging and getting it just right would be the biggest chunk of time. I'll put it on my mental list of things to do in preparation for next year's MIFF.