Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More on 10 Conditions of Love

Thanks to the intransigent and bully-boy tactics of the Chinese government, the little film The 10 Conditions of Love, which might have otherwise flown under the radar, has received exposure that money cannot buy. Originally programmed with a single screening, Chinese protests raised its profile and it was given a second screening at Greater Union 6 on Saturday 8 August, 4:45PM, which promptly sold out. GU6 is the largest MIFF venue and has a capacity of about 763. Now MIFF has announced the film is being moved to a larger venue to accommodate the demand for the film. It's now screening same time at the Melbourne Town Hall (the capacity, I don't know).

Also, in today's Age, Uighur leader to launch film in spirit of peace.


Toby said...

Not the bets venue for a film but good for a political event. The film only runs for 50 minutes so is better suited to TV.

Paranoid Android said...

Think town hall seats ~2000 people, so that's quite an increase.
Have you also seen the news of the WA opposition complaining about Bran Nue Dae premiering at MIFF?
A "documentary festival"? Where did he get that from? I wonder what exactly John Hyde's "arts" credentials are?

Paul Martin said...

I have no idea about Hyde's credentials, but his comments sound completely political, typical of those in opposition.