Saturday, August 01, 2009

More Chinese shenanigans

"Online sales are currently offline due to a Denial of Service attack of Chinese origin."
- MIFF ticketing website

"China summons Australia over Uighur leader visit"
- ABC News Online

With ticketing information offline, I'm unable to update my 'sold out/selling fast' page.

[Update 1-Aug 11:43 AM]: the MIFF ticketing site went back up but is currently down again. The Age reports on a concerted effort to sabotage MIFF by the Chinese.


Anonymous said...

"With ticketing information offline, I'm unable to update my 'sold out/selling fast' page."

Why do you even have one of your own? MIFF has one on it's website, are you paid by them?....your enthusiasm for doubling up is quite funny....and a bit geeky.

Paul Martin said...

Yeah, I suppose I can seem a bit geeky, but until MIFF can provide the quality and access of information that I can automatically, I'll continue.

Joel H said...

In past years, Paul was picking up the slack. Its only this year that they are putting the selling fast/sold out info ONLINE, and not just at the venues.

Having said that, this year there may be times MIFF is more up to date, and other times when this site will be more up to date, since I don't think neither updates 'live'.

Paul Martin said...

FWIW, the 'selling fast' page is the second most clicked page on my blog at present, after 'other MIFF blogs'.

No, I don't update live, though it's certainly possible. At the moment, I have to physically click a button for it to happen, and I typically do that 4-5 times a day. Given that it normally takes a while for a film to move from 'selling fast' to 'sold out', I consider that adequate.

MIFF does list the films and session; I also list the date, time and venue, which makes the information a bit more user-friendly - you don't have to cross reference like you do with MIFF's page.

Jurguens said...

A bit geeky? Maybe.

Terribly and ridiculously useful? Definitely.

Keep going mate.