Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MIFF program is on the way

Not so far from the MIFF offices (and my own), I was sitting at lunch in a city cafe this afternoon when MIFF director Richard Moore by chance sat next to me. I said hi and I asked if he had any scoops I could post on my blog. He said he has the whole MIFF program in his hands, which he could show me, but would then have to kill me. So I pushed it and asked if I could, but that was met with a definite no. D'oh! (I didn't resort to pretty-please, but I'm sure it would have been to no avail).

I'll have to wait another five days for the official festival launch, at which attending MIFF members will receive an advance copy of the program, four days ahead of its publication in The Age.

So, I continued reading the Senses of Cinema article about Jerzy Skolimowski, ahead of tonight's opening of a three week season of his films at Melbourne Cinematheque.

This year marks my third in which I'm taking two weeks off work to attend MIFF pretty much full-time. Like the previous two years, I plan to see around 40 films, an average of 2-3 per day. I know some people cram 80 or more films into the 17 days, but that's not my thing. I struggle to limit the number to 40; there's certainly more than that that I'd like to see. It's always a juggle of times, sacrificing of one film over another and so forth. I'll be posting more about the program after I have one of the suckers in my hot little hands.

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