Friday, July 17, 2009

The 10 Conditions of Love

As I recently posted, the Chinese government created a controversy by insisting Richard Moore remove The 10 Conditions of Love from screening at MIFF. You can see from my monitoring of Sold Out/Selling Fast sessions that, sure enough, the film's single screening is now 'selling fast'. If you would like to see the documentary, screening in the States of Dissent stream, get in fast.


Chris said...

with the screening of Blank City now cancelled, ten conditions of love will now have an extra screening.

Paul Martin said...

Thanks, Chris. That's all thanks to the Chinese government's intervention. FWIW, the original session is in GU6, which accomodates around 760 people and is the largest MIFF venue. The new screening of the film is in ACMI2, one of the largest venues, which holds about 390. No film has yet been announced as the replacement for the second Blank City slot.

Cinema Autopsy said...

Hi Paul. In case you or your other readers are interested, we've just confirmed that we will be interviewing Jeff Daniels, the director of 10 Conditions of Love on The Casting Couch today, a little after the 6 o'clock news on JOY 94.9.

Details, links etc: