Thursday, June 18, 2009

Next week at ACMI

I thought I'd try out a new feature on this blog: a "what's on" at ACMI for next week. I'm just trialling it; I want to see if the cut and paste is manageable and my memory is up to the task. We'll see.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a big supporter of ACMI; nearly 50% of the 250 or so films I see each year are at the place. That's more than the number of films I see at more than ten other venues combined (which, for the record, are in order Nova, Forum (for MIFF only), Como, Kino, Greater Union (again, for MIFF only), Sun, Rivoli, Astor, Melbourne Central, Balwyn, Classic, Westgarth, William Kerr Theatrette and the George).

Over the years, I've become increasingly indifferent to new releases and become much more selective about what I'm prepared to spend my time watching. The money isn't really an issue - ten or fifteen bucks for a couple of hours entertainment has got to be the best value around. Melbourne Cinémathèque is often the high point of the week for me; for 41 weeks of the year, you can be assured of top quality cinema. Well, there's the occasional dog, but that's a matter of taste, really. If you want to subscribe to a star value system, most cinema releases aim for mediocrity - around 2.5 to 3 stars, usually 3.5 at best. I'm sick of 3-star films and even 3.5 doesn't excite me. When you know how profound cinema can be, why settle for cheap entertainment.

Ironically, other than Cinémathèque's profound Guerín season, there's not a lot on at ACMI this week. But I support what they're about, and so here's what's on. Oh, and excuse the lower-case titles. Blame ACMI and their hopelessly dated insistence on being hip, and my not having the time to change it. I just couldn't be fucked.

Monday 22 June

frost / nixon thumbnail
frost / nixon M
Ron Howard's suspenseful account of the historic 1977 television interviews between David Frost and disgraced U.S. president Richard Nixon.
Wednesday 24 June
work in progress + innisfree thumbnail
work in progress + innisfree
Guerin chronicles the effects of a new apartment block in Barcelona, and presents a cinephilic journey through the locales of Ford's The Quiet Man.
Friday 26 June
tank girl thumbnail
tank girl M
Tank Girl employs live action, animation and CGI to re-create a kick-ass comic strip aesthetic for the big screen.
Saturday 27 June
the grocer's son thumbnail
the grocer's son M
Thirty-year-old Antoine reluctantly returns to the family home in Provence to help out when his father takes ill.
Sunday 28 June
wall.e thumbnail
wall.e G
10.30am & 1pm
An extraordinary tale about a wide-eyed robot who travels to the deepest reaches of space in search of a friend.
the grocer's son thumbnail
the grocer's son M
Thirty-year-old Antoine reluctantly returns to the family home in Provence to help out when his father takes ill.
Edit: I overlooked the animation festival:

melbourne international animation festival 2009

the necktie
The Necktie
With over 300 films in over 30 programs from all over the world, MIAF combines the best new animation with retrospective programs to challenge and inspire audiences and to showcase the diversity of animation.

Monday 22 June - Sunday 28 June 2009

For the full program visit the MIAF website

Download the schedule and booking form here

Festival Pass: Full $80 Concession $65
Mini Pass (6 sessions): Full $48 Concession $36

Opening Night Premiere Screening: Full $25 Concession $20
Single Tickets: Full $14 Concession $11
Best of the Next: $5 per session
Panorama Programs: $5 per session
Animation 101 sessions: $5
Kids Program: $5
Careers in Animation forum: Free (ticket required)

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