Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Life Without Sex - Emily's List fundraiser

While My Year Without Sex isn't my taste in film, I do think Emily's List is a worthwhile cause. It's aim is to get "more progressive Labor women elected to Parliament". This Thursday, it's putting on a fund-raiser at my local cinema, the Sun Theatre in Yarraville. Emily's List is not just a female concern; it behooves all of society to have greater diversity of government representation. The event is for both genders, though I expect numbers could be weighted towards the female of the species. Hey, that could be a good way to pick up a chick, guys!

Here's their blurb:
EMILY’s List Film Night – My Year Without Sex – Thursday June 18th

EMILY’s List has organised a Film Night for you to enjoy a night out with friends and support EL & an Australian film directed by a woman – a Comedy this time!

AFI Award winning director Sarah Watt (Look Both Ways) returns with a quintessentially Aussie comedy starring Sasha Horler and Matt Day as working class parents Natalie and Ross living in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Natalie is a happily married woman who collapses with a brain aneurysm and on doctor's orders has to abstain from sex for a while. With understated humour and a keen eye for the surreal edges of suburbia, My Year Without Sex is a knowing and defiantly celebratory snapshot of ordinary lives, seen through the eyes of a 30-something couple coping with two young children, a life-threatening illness, precarious jobs and existential mysteries such as the existence of God and an underperforming football team.

Come and have a laugh with friends & meet other EL supporters!

Date & Time: 7pm Thursday 18th June
Venue: Sun Theatre, 8 Ballarat Street, Yarraville 3013 Victoria
Cost: $18.00
Inquiries: Email: or phone: Sally on 0419 389 590

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