Monday, June 15, 2009

6th Annual Bayside Film Festival

This looks like a nice little film festival. I added the Q&A info to my previous post, but I don't think that does justice to what this festival, put on by Bayside City Council, has on offer. I'm just going to post the media release, and keep your eye out on the official website for further info. This should be a real treat for those in the Brighton area, as it's being held at Palace Brighton Bay, 294 Bay Street, Brighton. I'm on the other side of the city, but I'll make it there if I can fit it in.

Don’t Go Stateside…stay BAYSIDE for the 6th Annual BAYSIDE FILM FESTIVAL!

The electrifying BAYSIDE FILM FESTIVAL will take place from 15th to 18th July at Palace Brighton Bay Cinemas. An event that celebrates and encourages young filmmakers via a range of filmmaking initiatives and screening programmes, BAYSIDE FILM FESTIVAL is committed to introducing today’s youth to the endless possibilities that film, in its many guises, affords.

Lively and informative workshops will play a key role in the 2009 line-up, including an in-depth Q&A with Adam Elliot and Melanie Coombs on their latest movie, Mary and Max. Likewise, renowned filmmaker Rohan Spong will discuss his fascinating documentary ‘T’ is for Teacher. Actor Lisa Maza (City Homicide, Stolen), will provide a first-hand insight on the making of her first documentary, Living in Two Worlds, whilst director Anna Brady and actor Blair McDonough (Sea Patrol, Heart Beat, Neighbours) will conduct a workshop on their film-noir spoof, Strangers on a Sushi Train.

In celebration of humanity’s indomitable spirit, the 2009 Festival will also highlight films that illustrate qualities such as courage and strength, suspense and truth. These qualities are in evidence throughout the Festival’s four-part Beyond Our Shores strand, which will screen fifteen diverse short films ranging from powerhouse documentaries like Skin, ‘T’ is for Teacher and Old Country, New Country (exec-produced by George Negus and Kirsty Cockburn), to David Michôd’s endearing Netherland Dwarf, which played at the recent Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals.

And have you ever wondered what the youth of Australia are really thinking? Well, find out at Jump Cut, where we screen films from around the country, created by 13 to 25 year-olds.

In 2009, nine secondary schools from both within and beyond Bayside, participated in the Festival’s much lauded Youth Documentary and Digital Stories projects. Innovative and educational, these projects aim to develop self-expression and investigation through the experience of making short films.

Youth Documentary invites year 9 and 10 students, working in small crews, to make a short documentary of their choice. In tandem with media teachers, professional filmmakers assist participants via a series of film production workshops over a three-month period, resulting in many amazing short films that will form part of the 2009 line-up.

Digital Stories provides students with a positive, alternative platform for self-expression, as opposed to more traditional forms of literacy, encouraging them to express themselves via a range of mediums, such as video, music or photography to create ‘mini movies’ in first-person narrative.

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