Monday, May 11, 2009

Warwick Thornton Retrospective

I'm seeing Warwick Thornton's acclaimed Samson & Delilah at the Nova on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Thornton retrospective of short films screens Thursday of next week (21 May) at 7pm, also at the Nova. Different reliable sources have said don't miss this retrospective and it only has one screening, so I'll be busting my balls to get there. I picked up from the Arts show on ABC TV that Thornton's short Nana is about the grandmother in Samson and offers more insight into her character. The program conducted an interview with Thornton surrounded by the woman's paintings which I found most fascinating. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

Edit: I just noticed that the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival gave Nana its award for best achievement in indigenous film-making. And, another plug for HRAFF: become a friend of the festival (cost from $50 to $300), get some gear and do your bit for both the promotion of human rights and more diverse film-programming.

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