Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Melbourne Cinémathèque 2009

For those who are interested, Melbourne Cinémathèque's website is now live for the 2009 season and the full program is up. The full-size calendars are now available from ACMI and the season opens next Wednesday with Nicholas Ray's Bigger Than LifeSome and Vincente Minnelli's Some Came Running.

Feb 11

Bigger Than Life (Nicholas Ray, USA, 1955) 95 mins
A terminally ill schoolteacher (James Mason) is prescribed a wonder drug, becomes hooked & descends into a paranoid nightmare. Based on then current scientific research, Ray’s expose of middle-class American values (the family, education, religion, individual freedom) is one of the great ‘50s melodramas, a profoundly disturbing portrayal of the madness & zealotry lurking just beneath the surface of ordinary suburban life. With Barbara Rush & Walter Matthau. 35mm print courtesy of the BFI.

Some Came Running (Vincente Minnelli, USA, 1958) 136 mins
Sensitive & visually dynamic ‘scope adaptation of James Jones’ (The Thin Red Line, From Here to Eternity) novel about small Midwestern town life after WWII. The characters (the disillusioned writer & the floozy with a heart of gold) are archetypal “soap” figures but Minnelli’s stylistic flamboyance, inspired by the inside of a jukebox, fashions this material into his best romantic film, marked by an intensely anguished tour de force climax. Stars Rat Packers Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine & Dean Martin. Music by Elmer Bernstein. 35mm print courtesy of the BFI.


Brad said...

Count me in!

jw said...

if only we had a cinematheque in sydney... melbourne cinematheque and acmi is enough to get me to move down there. great pick with the nicholas ray film for opener!