Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Tunnel Between Two Hospitals

In order to determine the cause of a visual impairment I received as a result of my accident, I had a number of scans and a very unpleasant overnight stay in the neurology ward of St. Vincents Hospital. Two MRI scans of my brain couldn't detect the cause, so I was taken over the road to the Eye and Ear Hospital. Actually, I was taken under the road in a wheel-chair, via this tunnel that connects the two hospitals.

Looks a little Kubrick-esque, don't you think? Pardon the picture quality, in particular the camera shake. I was totally at the mercy of my handler, a very sweet Greek lady whose name I don't recall.


Fred said...

All of your readers are waiting for A Change of Plans - Part 3.

Paul Martin said...

It's coming...