Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heat Wave

Man, this heat wave is something, isn't it? I've experienced weather like this in Perth, but Melbourne? I don't remember it quite this bad. I ducked into Melbourne Central after work last night to see Gran Torino, a way of escaping the heat before I go home. The missus met up with me as well, so we made an evening of it. I think Eastwood films are hit and miss, though even his misses are better than most. Anyway, I didn't have high expectations and was really taken at how entertaining and thought-provoking this film is. I might have more to say about it, as I think it's worth a few words. However, I'm sure it'll get lots of word-of-mouth and doesn't need my accolades. For what it's worth, I can't think of a better film to see on a hot evening when you just want to escape the heat and have a good time. I've got to say that I was a bit shocked to come out close to 9pm and find the temperature still at 40 degrees Celsius.

This evening, I was tossing up whether to see Gran Torino again or to risk it with The Spirit. I blew it; I chose the latter. The casting is shocking. Scarlett Johannsen sleep-walks her way through the film. Samuel L. Johnson is really getting on my nerves with the same old recognisable traits that we all loved in Pulp Fiction but it's wearing pretty thin 15 years later. The lead is so uncharismatic. The film is bearable under the extreme weather conditions, but only just. Damn it, Gran Torino deserves another look.

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