Thursday, January 01, 2009

Upcoming events

Happy new year, whatever that may mean to you. For me, holidays are a time to take it easy, to rest, to do a few things around the house that are otherwise neglected. I have time on my hands but there's bugger all on at the cinemas. I'm generally not a DVD person, but I've been watching a couple and hope to watch a few more before I go back to work in a week and a half.

I thought I'd post about what I think might be worth catching up on at the cinemas over the next few weeks (other than what I've previously mentioned):
  • Chevolution screens at ACMI until Sunday.
  • Mad Max screens at ACMI this Saturday 4pm, with Mad Max 2 and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome screening over the following two Saturdays. I've never seen any of these so am hoping to catch up on a bit of local film history.
  • Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas screens at the Astor on Monday 5 Jan.
  • The Conformist screens at the Astor on Sunday 11 Jan.
  • A new print of David Lean's Blithe Spirit is getting half a dozen screenings at ACMI between 17 and 26 Jan (Australia Day).
  • ACMI is celebrating the Australia Day weekend with a tribute to indigenous actor David Gulpilil. The films are: Walkabout, Storm Boy, Gulpilil: One Red Blood, The Last Wave, Rabbit Proof Fence, Dark Age, The Tracker and Mad Dog Morgan. I've not seen any of these, but am keen to see at least five of them (if I can fit them in).
  • Melbourne Filmoteca's screening of Bialet Massé, un siglo despues (Bialet Massé: A Century Later) at ACMI on Tuesday 27 Jan at 7.30pm.
Some of you may be aware of my Google Calendar of Film Events, which you can see at the bottom of this webpage. Google have recently made available a tool to automate the synchronisation of Google Calendars with Outlook. For me, this is fantastic as it means I only need to maintain my Outlook calendar and the Google Calendar will automatically synchronise with it. Previously, if a release date changed, I would update it in Outlook but was often tardy in updating the Google calendar. You can now follow my Google Calendar of Film Events with confidence that it's as accurate as possible.

If you don't know about Google Calendars, take a guided tour on the website. It's a great way to keep informed by subscribing to one or more special interest calendars, or creating one or more of your own. You can collaborate with others (as I did at MIFF last year) and so on. You can, for example, subscribe to a calendar that you find through a search according to your criteria, and whatever events interest you, choose to receive reminders as either popups or emails.


Glenn said...

Try and catch Mad Dog Morgan. It's inclusion in Not Quite Hollywood may lead you to suspect it's not very good, but it really is. The sort of the movie none of the movies about Ned Kelly have ever been and Hopper is indeed a crazy piece of work in it.

Glenn said...

Oh, and I may have to try and get to that screening of The Conformist. It's one of those movies that I really wouldn't want to watch (for the first time, at least) on DVD.

Paul Martin said...

Glenn, from NQH I thought Mad Dog Morgan looked good though I've been told it's not. I want to see it and make up my own mind.

Jake said...

Another vote for Mad Dog Morgan from me. Don't expect the usual period film trappings -- it's an underground movie on a (relatively) mainstream budget. Hopper is incredible.

Stephen Rowley said...

Paul - You'd never seen Mad Max!!!!!!! Wow. Hope you did indeed manage to catch up with them. The first and second are just astounding.

Paul Martin said...

I've now seen MM 1 & 2 and will catch 3 tomorrow. I wouldn't call them astounding, but enjoyed them a lot.

Stephen Rowley said...

By now you've already seen the third, so it's too late to lower your expectations. A lot of good things in that one, too, but too many uneven patches, too much of the messianic mythmaking garbage, and the confusing business of Bruce Spence sort-of-but-not-quite playing the same role again.

I just love the way Miller shot (past tense deliberate, since he doesn't really do this kind of thing any more) action. Sublime.

There are thoughts on mad Max on my website if you're interested.

Paul Martin said...

Actually, Stephen, I missed it, but due to circumstances beyond my control. I spent the day in hospital having some tests, but more of that in another post. I'll check out what you've written about Mad Max when I can. I look forward to reading your thoughts.