Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Week in Review


As It Is In Heaven
I can't say I've seen many films from Sweden, and this 2005 nomination for best foreign Oscar doesn't exactly have me enthused to rush out to see some more. Basically, it's a middle-of-the-road story (as you'd expect for an Oscar nominee), definitely aiming to be a feel-good crowd-pleaser, tempered somewhat awkwardly with a little bit of a dark edge. A famous conductor has a heart attack and returns to his childhood village for the quiet life where he inspires a village choir.

While I've been known to nod off during mediocre films, it's not often I embarrass myself by snoring (which I did during this). There are numerous contrived devices, but it is funny and moving at times. I think the film's visuals should have been better than we saw at the Palace Como, who appeared to be screening from a DVD. This is a trend that bothers me. If I wanted to watch a DVD, I could do this at home. At least the Nova somewhat alerts audiences when they are screening from a DVD by using the words "Nova Digital" in their advertising.

Change of Address
Instantly forgettable French romantic comedy suitable for a light night's entertainment, or practising French language listening skills. No points for guessing which one it was for me. I had free tickets and thought it was OK - definitely more enjoyable than I Do, but that's not saying a lot. Like most films in this genre, it completely lacks plausibility, so there's no buy-in for me.

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