Thursday, June 07, 2007

Isabelle Huppert Rumour

[Edit: Sydney program and times added]

As previously announced, ACMI is screening a Focus on Isabelle Huppert from June 29 to July 10, and includes 20 of the 75 or so films that Huppert has appeared in. Sydney gets a shortened program at The Chauvel Cinema which is screening "over 10" titles between July 12 - 18, though program information on their website is a little scant. After Melbourne, the program travels to Brisbane where 19 titles will be screened, though some of them are different to the Melbourne program. The Brisbane opening is on July 13, with the sensational Nue propriété (Private Property, Joachim Lafosse, 2006), my favourite film at this year's French Film Festival and runs to August 2. Nue propriété is not screening in Melbourne.

As I have previously mentioned, I am very excited about this retrospective. It is screening the types of films I try to distill from the films on offer at each year's French Film Festival (many of which are middle-of-the-road crowd-pleasers that I have little interest in). The French Film Festival is my favourite festival other than MIFF, but this Huppert retrospective seems like a much better standard of films than the overall standard of MIFF (which I find needs much planning and research to avoid the 'duds').

A rumour surfaced today that Ms. Huppert herself may be making an appearance as part of the touring retrospective, which has been organised by the French Embassy (they are importing the prints) and Alliance Française. Intrigued at this piece of information, I phoned my media contact at ACMI, who confirmed she had heard the 'whispers' but couldn't confirm. I was told that Ms. Huppert is very busy and currently involved in a play but may make a short appearance, if possible. I also contacted a very helfpful Françoise Libotte at Alliance Française who confirmed that the French Embassy is indeed trying to arrange a visit, and that Ms. Huppert is also keen to come, but that "until the ticket has been booked, nothing is confirmed".

I have compiled a few quotes attributed to Ms. Huppert that are as interesting as the role she plays and will post some of them soon. It would be a great addition to the Huppert retrospective to hear from the artist herself about her approach to her work and about her experiences with some of the world's most renowned directors and fellow actors.

My original contact conjectured that a visit would be to Sydney whereas Ms. Libotte seemed to think a visit would be to Melbourne. I have been assured that information will be provided as it comes to hand. Stay tuned.

Sydney program* (thanks to Stella Chambers from Chauvel Cinema):

Thu July 12 6.30pm Opening night drinks

7.00pm La dentelliere
Fri July 13 7.00pm Lou Lou

9.00pm Coup de foudre
Sat July 14 4.00pm Saint-Cyr

6.30pm Coup de torchon

9.00pm La ceremonie
Sun July 15 2.00pm La dentelliere

4.30pm Sauve qui peut (la vie)

6.30pm Comedie de l'innocence
Mon July 16 6.30pm Madame Bovary
Tues July 17 7.00pm La vie promise
Wed July 18 6.30pm La pianiste

8.45pm La separation

* or download the more detailed PDF as kindly provided by Trent below (in comments)


trent said...

sydney season

Paul Martin said...

Trent, how's that for synchronicity? I was just in the process of posting the times when your post came through. Thanks for that.

trent said...

you're welcome! i find that there is harmony and balance in the chaos of the universe right now, paul. we must go for the essential.

Paul Martin said...

Well, I'm glad someone's finding it. ;)