Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MUFF dates revealed

More news straight from the horse's mouth. In response to my email query, Melbourne Underground Film Festival director Richard Wolstencroft has informed me that the dates for the 8th annual MUFF are September 20 - 30. This seems a bit later than usual, as it is usually runs quite close to MIFF.

Wikipedia's short entry for MUFF reads:
The Melbourne Underground Film Festival (also known as MUFF) was formed out of disagreements over the content and running of the Melbourne International Film Festival. When director Richard Wolstencroft's film Pearls Before Swine was not accepted by the Melbourne International Film Festival, Wolstencroft claimed it was because his film was too confrontational for the predictable tastes of MIFF. As a response, Wolstencroft launched MUFF in 2000 as an alternative film festival, featuring mostly adult, genre, controversial, avant garde, political, sexual or artistic concepts. International guests of MUFF have included Bruce LaBruce, Lloyd Kaufman, William Lustig, Ron Jeremy, Michael Tierney, Jim VanBebber and Geretta Geretta.
While I can understand some of the criticisms of MUFF, I've also found MUFF's programming to be hit-and-miss at times. But to MUFF's credit, they do screen films that are virtually impossible to see elsewhere, especially challenging material (something there is a definite shortage of in this town, what to speak of others).

As Trent recently pointed out on this blog, MUFF is possibly the only venue in Australia that has screened Harmony Korine's Julien Donkey-Boy. It was, in fact, Trent's raising the subject of MIFF that triggered my email to Richard Wolstencroft.

As announced here late last night Korine's latest film Mister Lonely is screening at this year's MIFF. Korine wrote for Larry Clark's Kids (1995) and Ken Park (2002, and still banned in this country) and directed Gummo (1997).

Expect more news about MUFF in the next week, or keep an eye on the MUFF website.

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