Friday, November 26, 2010

DVDs for sale

I'm saving for new things and letting old things go, including my DVD collection. I have some absolute gems, including many that are brand new and still shrink-wrapped. If you'd like to bid for any of these, they're going for a steal on eBay, which you can view here.


d m k said...

This is so sad, Paul.

Lenz said...

This is the logical conclusion to Paul Martin's little odyssey. He tried really hard with cinema -- he thought he was buying all the right movies, blogging all the right words. The truth of it is there are many like him with their collection of DVDs and ticket stubs who don't have anything critical to say about cinema but say it all the same. He is one of many who are bound to fall.

Anonymous said...


I think it's a good thing. All that material crap really weighs you down.

Euronymous said...

Come back, Paul Martin. Have you seen the state of film criticism on the internet lately? They're all losers.

Melbourne film bloggers who are lame:

Paul Nelson
Thomas Caldwell
Tara Judah

There are others, each one more abysmal than the last. You are the one and only true Melbourne film blogger. Will you arise and reclaim your throne?