Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Buzz of the City

I love working in the city. I love exploring the little nooks and crannies and revisiting some of my favourite spots. I always carry a digital camera with me and capturing things of interest. Sometimes it's architecture or old signs or street art. Lately I've taken to taking short video clips, and this one below is a recent one of a well-known street art precint off Centre Place (between Collins St. and Flinders Lane). My work friend Matthew and I were wandering around and I spontaneously took this without any planning, to Matthew's obvious bemusement. The buskers provide the real-time score.

Thanks to Ali, my fellow Melbourne Cinémathèque committee member who suggested I post my clips online, from whom I worked out how to make a slow version using QuickTime Pro.

Here it is in half-time

And here it is in it's original real-time

Here's a clip of another precinct I've just discovered, Caledonian Lane, which runs between Lonsdale St. and Little Bourke St, adjacent to David Jones. The Centre Place clip was taken on Wednesday, this one, 9 minutes long was filmed on Friday (yesterday).

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