Sunday, May 27, 2007

Video: Errol Morris

[Update: further links added]

I was cleaning up my internet bookmarks and found a link to a great clip at around the same time that I discovered I could insert a YouTube video clip in my blog. So, as an experiment and without further ado, here is a documentary about my favourite documentary maker, Errol Morris (and his Fog of War, which recently screened on SBS, is my favourite documentary film).

The clip is nearly 47 minutes long and in it, Morris describes how he came to be a film-maker. I've only just watched it for the first time, and darn it, I'm ordering every Morris film on DVD that I can get my hand on. This guy is seriously good.

A Brief History of Errol Morris

Senses of Cinema articles:


Stephen Rowley said...

I'm a huge fan of Morris. You can get a good set from Umbrella that includes Gates of Heaven, Vernon Florida, and The Thin Blue Line (in my opinion his best and one of the best docos ever made). I've written about it at:

Paul Martin said...

Many thanks for alerting me to Umbrella, Stephen. Earlier today I ordered everything off Amazon, and I thought about looking locally, but didn't have the time. I've since cancelled that set from Amazon, who are selling it for US$45 compared to Umbrella's price of AUD$30.

After Melbourne Cinémathèque had the Kieslowski season a while ago, I ordered a heap of his DVDs online, and found Umbrella cheaper for the large set, so I really should keep them in mind.

And thanks for alerting me to your extensive review of The Thin Blue Line. I'm updating this post to include a link to it and the other Senses of Cinema articles on Morris (including the Tom Ryan article).

This blogging stuff can be a veritable can of worms. One starts off with a small post with little thought, and before you know it, there's an ocean of information that one feels compelled to pursue.

Paul Martin said...

I picked up my copy of the Errol Morris DVD Collection from Umbrella Entertainment (for AUD$30, half the Amazon price) and learnt that later this month they'll be carrying The Thin Blue Line.