Friday, May 04, 2007

Inland Empire release delayed

[Update: Inland Empire to screen at MIFF]

Unfortunately, as announced today by Dendy Films, Australian distributor of David Lynch's much anticipated Inland Empire:
Please note that the release date of INLAND EMPIRE has changed. It is now likely to be released in the final quarter of the year.
Oh well, such is life...


delon melville said...

hi Paul

you've been busy.

I might see Noise on the weekend, have you seen it?


Paul Martin said...

Very observant, Delon. I've been quite happy to have a quiet week this week. I've just seen Spiderman 3 (and liked it) and was thinking that Noise is perhaps worth seeing.

Death of a President finishes on Tuesday at Kino, so I would like to catch that. In fact, I have a week break (I finished up my current contract today, and start at Telstra after next week), so I might see this during the day on Monday or Tuesday.

The Number 23 looks like it could be OK, in spite of every critic pretty much bagging it. As It Is In Heaven could also be worth a look. Have you seen any of these?

delon melville said...

I rang you yesterday, must have got one # wrong on your mobile and guess what, I got another Paul!

He rang back, and I said, yeah, Paul, Paul Martin, and he said No.

Hahhahaha funny story.

This last week, Science of Sleep, very ordinary, The Italian, telemovie melodrama, shocking script, Noise, poor ADR (you know, my pet hate) plus it had a Dues ex machina or two and the melodrama of Crash which I thought was a very poor movie, and I saw History Boys, which I enjoyed, but was not a fan of the musical elements.


Paul Martin said...

Delon, I was disappointed with Science of Sleep. As I said in The Week in Review, Gondry works better with Charlie Kaufman on the writing.

I found The Italian OK, nothing special. I was thinking Noise might be OK based on the buzz going around. I also didn't like Crash, for the same reasons. I generally don't like dues ex machina as a device, but it can work at times.

History Boys doesn't interest me - it looks and sounds mediocre and I don't have the time to see films that are just OK.

This coming week I'm hoping to see:
- Summer Rain by Antonio Banderas, which is screening at the Spanish Film Festival;
- Naked Youth by Nagisa Oshima
- Three Resurrected Drunkards by Nagisa Oshima (both of these at Cteq)
- Into Great Silence
- Made in Britain
and maybe one or more others

delon melville said...

I spelt deus ex machina wrong, or it was a typo, I must have projected it onto you!

Hmmm, yeah, I will probably drop you a line later today, Sunday re: those 2 films.

Thanks Paul


Paul Martin said...

No sweat, Delon. As it was, the only film I saw all weekend was Spider-Man 3 on Friday evening with the family. There's quite a large number of films on commercial release that I haven't seen yet, but there's nothing that compels me to go out and see it.

trent said...

Just a heads up--Inland Empire is screening at the Sydney Film Festival on the 20th and 21st June. Check the site, it's a pretty impressive lineup this year.

Paul Martin said...

Yes, I just read that on Last Night With Riviera, Trent. Thanks for posting the info. It is an impressive lineup. At a glance, I'd be interested in the Turkish films. I might try to make it up to Sydney for a weekend, but as I'm starting a new job on Monday, I'm not sure if I'll fit it in.

trent said...

yep it's pretty great news, it might show at miff you never know. no mister lonely though :( i'm just going to pray it's shown in melbourne otherwise who knows when it will be released here (if ever). the other films i am looking forward to seeing at sff are rescue dawn, control, container & the john huston retrospective--especially wise blood & fat city. they're showing some other older films which have been hard to see such as killer of sheep and gus van sant's mala noche. i think the new sff director is a genius, very impressed with her. but if i see her i will scold her for not getting a hold of mister lonely. all in all there are about 12 or 13 films i have on my list which means i will be spending around $150. ouch.

trent said...

ps good luck with your job! how's the french coming along btw?

Paul Martin said...

Hi Trent. I'm keenly awaiting some news as to what's showing at MIFF. Not too long to go now. I received my SFF program in the mail today, but haven't opened it yet.

You probably know that Rescue Dawn has a September release (though I saw it in January; I don't think you'll be disappointed).

I'm not sure what the MIFF prices are; I've got a full pass this year for the first time. I did notice that the recent Tribeca festival was charging US$18 per ticket!

BTW, did you see the fuss I started on At The Movies with my post about Death of a President?

Job starts Monday. I've had 3 French classes, and I'm loving it. It's going well, thanks. I'm teaching my 6 year old son as I go.

Paul Martin said...

Trent, another film you may wish to put on your list is Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Syndromes and a Century. It's attracted quite a bit of world-wide attention, particularly after it was banned in its home country.

Korine said...

that film is definitely on my list, cheers. tickets are pretty expensive but there are savings to be had when buying in bulk. i wish i had the luxury of not worrying about $$$, of course nothing will stop me if it's a film i want to see, but a full season pass like you've got would be quite welcome in my pocket.

i sort of skim thru the at the movies board now, there isn't much of interest there to me lately. i saw your post and the replies and thought about a south park episode, i haven't seen either of the films you were discussing and my opnions on the whole thing aren't really worth mentioning.

it's going to be great to finally see rescue dawn. did you know herzog has just finished two films in antarctica? and it's not entirely confirmed but he's possibly working on this film--

also check out some screens and so forth from mister lonely if you're interested-- --i just want to spread the word about this film so much. you can see the poster here too-- (sorry not too sure if html works here)

keep up the french, good to learn you're enjoying it!

trent said...

oops that was trent btw, logged in under a different name. cheers.

Paul Martin said...

Yeah Trent, I thought that might have been you. ;)

As far as At The Movies, I subscribe to the RSS feeds using Bloglines (but there's lots of apps to get a feed) so I don't have to get on the site and browse. Each new post appears on the feed so you see pretty quick what's new.

I'll try to check those links out on the weekend, thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

your criticisms sound like the work of a balding ex-stoner who got laid at 16 with the girl next door and never since. To call the Science of Sleep very ordinary is beyond comprehension. Get laid, get educated and stop posting unintelligible crap on the internet. Stick to the bald and sexless columns or better still create one. the act of creation will be a first for you. you may find it strangely exciting and anything but ordinary.

Paul Martin said...

Obviously, Anonymous.