Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cinémathèque 2007 Calendar

Melbourne Cinémathèque kicks off the new year on February 14 with Franju's Eyes Without a Face (1959) and Clayton's The Innocents (1961).

Below is a summary of the 2007 Cinémathèque calendar. Cinémathèque screenings at ACMI at Federation Square on Wednesday evenings, and typically start at 7pm with two feature length films. Sometimes there are short films as well. You can pick up a large colour copy of the calendar (including film details) from ACMI. I've also provided a permanent link to this post on the sidebar at the right.

Full annual membership of Cinémathèque is $90 or $75 concession. With 39 weeks of screenings this year (there are breaks over summer and during the Melbourne International Film Festival), if you catch one film each week, it works out at only $2.31 per film (or $1.92 concession). And for that price, you can see two films for the price - $1.15/0.96c per film! All this for rare screenings of films you may never get the chance to see on the big screen again.

If you want to 'test the water', you can also take out a four week membership for $20 full/$15 concession.

Personally, I'm keen to see the three week seasons of Krzysztof Kieslowski, Jacques Rivette, Russian and Czech cinema as well as a two week season of post-war German cinema and a week of Ingmar Bergman. But with my annual membership, I'll be trying to cram as many films in as I can, and hopefully pick up an appreciation of works by directors I've never seen before.

Though I am a committee member of Cinémathèque, I have no vested interest in anyone joining. If you're in Melbourne, I highly recommend taking advantage of this unique facility.

Melbourne Cinémathèque 2007 Calendar Summary

Feb 14

Opening Night: Classic Horror


Eyes Without a Face (Georges Franju) 1959 France 88 mins


The Innocents (Jack Clayton) 1961 Britain 100 mins PG

Feb 21

Nicholas Ray


Rebel Without a Cause (Nicholas Ray) 1955 USA 111 mins M


Bitter Victory (Nicholas Ray) 1957 France/USA 103 mins

Feb 28

Cinema’s Compassionate Gaze


Au Hasard, Balthazar (Robert Bresson) 1966 France 95 mins


The Gospel According to Matthew (Pier Paolo Pasolini) 1964 Italy 142 mins

Mar 7-21 – The Moral Matrix of Krzysztof Kieslowski

Mar 7


Blue (Krzysztof Kieslowski) 1993 France/Switzerland/Poland 100 mins M


.Blind Chance (Krzysztof Kieslowski) 1981/87 Poland 122 mins MA

Mar 14


White (Krzysztof Kieslowski) 1994 France/Switzerland/Poland 91 mins M


.Camera Buff (Krzysztof Kieslowski) 1979 Poland 117 mins MA

Mar 21


Red (Krzysztof Kieslowski) 1994 France/Switzerland/Poland 99 mins M
Preceded by Bricklayer (Krzysztof Kieslowski) 1973 17 mins


A Short Film About Love (Krzysztof Kieslowski) 1988 Poland 86 mins M

Mar 28

Sam Fuller


The Naked Kiss (Sam Fuller) 1964 USA 93 mins M

Preceded by two Kieslowski shorts: Refrain 1972 10 mins & Factory 1970 17 mins


Park Row (Sam Fuller) 1952 USA 84 mins

Apr 4

Outer Limits


Wittgenstein Tractatus (Péter Forgács) 1992 35 mins

Meanwhile Somewhere… 1940-43 (Péter Forgács) 1994 52 mins


Charlemagne 2: Piltzer (Pip Chodorov) 2002 22 mins

Parallel Space: Inter-view (Peter Tscherkassky) 1992 18 mins


Outer Space (Peter Tscherkassky) 1999 14 mins

Interkosmos (Jim Finn) 2006 USA 71 mins

Apr 11

Claire Denis


Beau Travail (Claire Denis) 1999 France 90 mins M


Jacques Rivette, the Nightwatchman (Claire Denis & Serge Daney) 1990 France 125 mins

Apr 18 - May 2 – It’s A Mann’s World: The Cinema of Michael Mann

Apr 18


Manhunter (Michael Mann) 1986 USA 121 mins


The Insider (Michael Mann) 1999 153 mins M

Apr 25


Crime Story: Top of the World (1987) USA 49 mins


.Heat (Michael Mann) 1995 USA 172 mins MA

May 2


Thief (Michael Mann) 1981 USA 122 mins


Collateral (Michael Mann) 2004 USA 120 mins MA

May 9

Nagisa Oshima


Naked Youth (Nagisa Oshima) 1960 Japan 97 mins


Three Resurrected Drunkards (Nagisa Oshima) 1968 Japan 80 mins

May 16

Performing Lives


Opening Night (John Cassavetes) 1977 USA 144 mins


Lumière (Jeanne Moreau) 1975 France 95 mins

May 23 - Jun 6 – Jacques Rivette’s Fantastic Realism

May 23


Paris Belongs to Us (Jacques Rivette) 1960 France 140 mins


Duelle (Jacques Rivette) 1976 mins 121 mins

May 30


Le Coup du Berger (Jacques Rivette) 1956 France 28 mins


Celine and Julie Go Boating (Jacques Rivette) 1974 France 193 mins

Jun 6


La Belle Noiseuse (Jacques Rivette) 1991 France 236 mins M

Jun 13

Johnnie To


Focus on Ryan Larkin: Syrinx (1965) 3 mins, Cityscape (1966) 2 mins, Walking (1968) 5 mins, Street Musique (1972) 8 mins, Ryan (2004) 14 mins


Exiled (Johnnie To) 2006 Hong Kong 100 mins M


Election (Johnnie To) 2005 Hong Kong 101 mins MA

Jun 20

Of Rivers and Philosophy


The Ister (David Barison & Dan Ross) 2004 Australia 240 mins

Jun 27 - Jul 11 – From the Tsars to the Stars: Russian Sci-Fi of the 20th Century

Jun 27


Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka (Aleksandr Rou) 1961 USSR 69 mins


The Heavens Call (Mikhail Karyukov & Aleksandr Kozyr) 1959 USSR 80 mins

Jul 4


To the Stars by Hard Ways (Richard & Nikolai Viktorov) 1981/2001 USSR 118 mins


The Amphibian Man (Gennadi Kazansky & Vladimir Chebotaryov) 1962 USSR 95 mins

Jul 11


Cosmic Voyage (Vasili Zhuravlyov) 1936 USSR 70 mins


Ruslan & Ludmilla (Aleksandr Ptushko) 1972 USSR 159 mins

Jul 18

Kings of Comedy


Sherlock Jr (Buster Keaton) 1924 USA 44 mins

Preceded by The Frozen North (Buster Keaton & Eddie Cline) 1922 15 mins


The Bellboy (Jerry Lewis) 1960 USA 71 mins G


Errand Boy (Jerry Lewis) 1961 USA 92 mins G


Aug 22

Gloria Swanson


Sunset Blvd. (Billy Wilder) 1950 USA 110 mins PG


Queen Kelly (Eric von Stroheim) 1928 USA 96 mins

Aug 29

Raoul Walsh


The Strawberry Blonde (Raoul Walsh) 1941 USA 101 mins


What Price Glory (Raoul Walsh) 1926 USA 122 mins

Sep 5

Nouvelle Vague


Le Petit Soldat (Jean-Luc Godard) 1960/63 France 88 mins


Muriel ou le Temps d’un Retour (Alain Resnais) 1963 France 116 mins

Sep 12-26 – East of Eden: The Imaginary in Czech Cinema 1964-1983

Sep 12


The Ear (Karel Kachyna) 1970 Czechoslovakia 94 mins


The Cremator (Juraj Herz) 1968 Czechoslovakia 87 mins

Sep 19


Jan Svankmajer shorts: Castle of Otranto (1973-79) 20 mins. The Fall of the House of Usher (1981) 15 mins. The Pit, the Pendulum & Hope (1983) 15 mins


Daisies (Vera Chytilová) 1966 Czechoslovakia 76 mins


Valerie & Her Week of Wonders (Jaromil Jires) 1970 Czechoslovakia 77 mins

Sep 26


A Case for the Young Hangman (Pavel Juracek) 1969 Czechoslovakia 102 mins


Late August at the Hotel Ozone (Jan Schmidt) 1967 Czechoslovakia 77 mins

Oct 3

Russia’s Children At War


Ivan’s Childhood (Andrei Tarkovsky) 1961 USSR 95 mins M


Come & See (Elem Klimov) 1985 USSR 142 mins M

Oct 10

Val Lewton & His Legacy


I Walked with a Zombie (Jacques Tourneur) 1943 USA 69 mins PG


Cat People (Jacques Tourneur) 1942 USA 73 mins M


Blood (Pedro Costa) 1989 Portugal 95 mins

Oct 17

German Roots of Noir


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Robert Wiene) 1919 Germany 54 mins PG


Spione (Fritz Lang) 1928 Germany 145 mins

Oct 24

Youths of Italy


I Vitteloni (Federico Fellini) 1953 Italy 103 mins G


In the Name of the Father (Marco Bellocchio) 1972 Italy 107 mins

Oct 31

Ingmar Bergman


Now About All These Women (Ingmar Bergman) 1964 Sweden 80 mins


Scenes from a Marriage (Ingmar Bergman) 1973 Sweden 168 mins M

Nov 7

Beds Are Burning


Bitter Springs (Ralph Smart) 1950 Britain 89 mins G


Dead Heart (Nick Parsons) 1996 Australia 101 mins MA

Nov 14-21 – From the War to the Wall: German Cinema 1945-1960

Nov 14


The Lost Man (Peter Lorre) 1951 West Germany 98 mins

Preceded by Brutality in Stone Alexander Kluge (1960) 12 mins


The Bridge (Bernhard Wicki) 1959 West Germany 103 mins

Preceded by Machorka-Muff Jean-Marie Straub/Danièle Huillet (1963) 18 mins

Nov 21


Murderers are Amongst Us (Wolfgang Staudte) 1946 East Germany 91 mins


Fanfares of Love (Kurt Hoffmann) 1951 West Germany 91 mins


Roses Bloom on the Grave in the Meadow (Hans H. König) 1952 West Germany 90 mins

Nov 28

Third Cinema


The Hour of the Furnaces (Fernando Solanas/Octavio Getino) 1968 Argentina 88/121/47 mins

Dec 5-19 – Wandering Star: The Films of Lee Marvin

Dec 5


The Professionals (Richard Brooks) 1966 123 mins PG


The Emperor of the North (Robert Aldrich) 1973 118 mins

Dec 12


Point Blank (John Boorman) 1967 92 mins


The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (John Ford) 1962 123 mins PG

Dec 19


The Wild One Laslo Benedek (1954) 79 mins


The Big Red One Samuel Fuller (1980) 158 mins


Adam Ross said...

Wow, that last week is a doozy. All of those Lee Marvin films are excellent, with "Point Blank" being one of my all time favorites. You're lucky to live near such a great theater, there's nothing within 400 miles of me like that.

Paul Martin said...

Adam, Melbourne is well served by ACMI - we probably have the best available programming in Australia. But I think we're pretty limited with cinema releases. I was in New York three years ago and found a much broader range of arthouse cinema there, but you'd expect that.

I've not see Point Blank, nor any other in the Marvin season, but look forward to them.

Gee, you're from a pretty small place by Australian standards. David Lynch country! Our populations are largely confined to big cities (Melbourne is about 4M).

marty said...

While there are popular films that most people have seen many times before (Rebel Without a Cause again!), there are some great highlights and must-sees (for me anyway):

Au Hasard Balthazar - a must on the big screen

Gospel According to St Matthew - I saw this at Melb uni about 15 years ago so a must now

Opening Night - any Cassavettes film on the big screen is a must especially a rare one like this film

Duelle & Celine and Julie Go Boating - I just ordered last week my DVD copy of Celine & Julie from Amazon (spewing!)

La Belle Noiseuse - masterpiece which is available on DVD here from Accent BUT why aren't they also showing his last film that is also available on DVD here from Accent called Story of Marie & Julien which is a bona fide masterpiece?

The Bellboy and Errand Boy - Jerry Lewis directed masterpieces!

Come & See - a graphically violent film that is banned in several countries!

Czech cinema season - rarely seen in the west so this could be interesting.

I am sure there are many other gems that I will discover but from first glance, the above are my faves.

Paul Martin said...

Marty, I only discovered cinema in 1992, and rarely watch video/DVD. The only titles I've seen out of the whole calendar are the Three Colors trilogy and a couple of Mann's (which I have mixed opinions about). I've not even seen Rebel Without a Cause.

When you say you saw at Melb Uni, I take it they have their own screenings for students? Can others attend?

marty said...

I used to attend the Cinematheque in my early twenties around 1991-1993 when it was held at the RMIT cinema. It then moved to the State Theatre. This is where I was first introduced to Pasolini, Bresson, Antonioni, Bergman, Val Lewton, Cassavettes, Rivette, Howard Hawks, Raoul Walsh, John Ford, Tarkovsky, etc. Ah, the good ole days! In fact, it was probably the main reason why I decided to study for a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies at LaTrobe Uni which I did from 1994-1996. The Cinematheque greatly influenced me.

I am now 37 years old and I feel guilty not attending the Cinematheque for the past few years mainly because of my work and socialising with friends. I will make every effort this year to go. I want to rediscover the love of cinema I had and still have but most of it I watch on DVD now.

Yes, I saw the Pasolini film at the Melb Uni cinema back in 1991 where they also used to screen arthouse classics one night a week. Not sure if they still do this. Does anyone know? It was open to anyone and not just students as it was held at night.

Paul Martin said...

Marty, I Googled Melb Uni for "Union House Theatre" and followed a few links. All I could find was the Union Calendar of Events, with events from last October ('Vampire Hunter' and 'Blood: The Last Vampire').

DVD seems to be big now, but I can't equate it with the big screen. There's nothing like it.