Saturday, March 27, 2010

On moderations

A while ago I turned on moderation of comments on this blog. First for posts older than 14 days, then 4 days, then 3. Basically, I was getting spammed by fuckheads who know that no-one is going to read their bullshit cheap electronics, sex and other promotions but assuming (perhaps falsely) that Google web-crawlers would pick up their links and promote their website rankings on Google searches. First, most of these spam posts have incorrect HTML tags and don't post as links. Secondly, I highly doubt that web-crawlers pick up blog posts. If use Google blog search on my own blog, it only searches the actual posts and not the comments. And I've never had a Google search return any blog comments. In other words, these spamorons are like graffiti taggers, or dogs pissing to mark their territory which no-one is going to take an iota of notice of, and only serve to make the blogosphere a less pleasant experience.

Most of the spam I received was on older posts and my reducing the age of posts requiring moderation, I reduced the amount of spam I had to remove. Though these pissants should be whipped for their transgressions, it gives me much satisfaction to catch their nuisance work in the net of moderation. Still, some was still getting through - perhaps one or more of my 'followers' is a spammer. So now I'm moderating all posts. My apologies to those who comment from time to time. It means your comments won't appear immediately, but it's a small price to pay. The spam is still coming, but you'll never see it, and it is reducing as these morons realise they're wasting their time (though I imagine it's largely automated).

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