Sunday, February 14, 2010

A question re: blog spam

I have a question, mostly directed at fellow bloggers - how do you deal with blog spammers? A year ago, it was virtually non-existent for me but has recently increased to a rate of 2-3 a day. I've added comment moderation for older posts, and this is capturing 90% or more but I suspect that one or more of my so-called followers is using the 'Follow' feature to spam new posts.

The whole point of this kind of spam is to have as many links to their bullshit site so that when Google's web-crawlers come looking for new links, their site rankings are raised in a Google search. If you're a spammer, it's unlikely you're reading this but, if by chance you do, you're wasting your time as I remove it promptly. Do yourself a favour and (1) get a fucking life and (2) earn an honest living, scumbag.

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