Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ghostpatrol and Miso

Up until my accident, I would often spend my lunch-times walking the laneways of Melbourne. Part of it is the need for exercise, partly it's an aversion to the masses that crowd the main thoroughfares at this time of day and largely it's a desire to explore and discover little hidden gems. I always carry a small digital camera and like to document things of interest, in particular street art, but anything that looks curious.

The missus called me to the TV one evening last week to see an ABC documentary on ghostpatrol and miso, two Melbourne street artists whose work transcends anything that description might conjure up. Today I bought a book documenting some of their work from Metro 5 in Armadale and checked out their latest exhibition at Gorker Gallery in Gore St. Fitzroy. Ghostpatrol's artwork is accompanied by soft toy 'sculptures' by Miso - brilliant stuff. There's a few pieces there I'd have liked, but those had sold. I highly recommend any art-lovers out there checking this exhibition out.

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