Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And the winner is...

... the United States of America. And the rest of the world.

Never have I seen so much interest in an US election. Never have I been so keen to see the outcome of a US election.

When almost a year ago Kevin Rudd ousted the weasel, I felt relief. With the ousting of the mega-fascist, war-mongering Republicans, I feel joy. Congratulations Obama.


Anonymous said...

It was amazing, wasn't it? That we all got so involved with this one - I have an aching hole where my election-watching was. People talk about the amazement of a black man becoming president - I'm still amazed that an intelligent man got to be president! After the last 8 years of anti-intellectualism it's such a relief to think the world's superpower is controlled by someone who knows the rest of the world exists. I think he'll probably let us down - as all politicans eventually do - but he sold the people hope and not fear, and that's a brilliant achievement in itself.

And secretly I hope he'll pull a Whitlam and transform the US for the better.

Paul Martin said...

Obama will disappoint, that's a given. No-one can live up to the expectations that have been generated.

But after 8 years of pure fascism, where the personal interests of a few have over-ridden the interests of the many, where human life (be it Americans or not) has been treated with utter contempt, where lies, deceit, fiscal ineptitude and criminality have become the hallmarks of government, how can a person not contain their joy?

I agree with you about hope versus fear. In a country where race is such a sensitive issue, it's a glowing endorsement of Obama's hope campaign and an indictment of the electorate's being sick of more of the same from McCain.

OI, Obama has the mandate for transformation, with the support of both Houses. I hope he takes advantage of that, without abusing it like Howard did (which ultimately led to his downfall).