Monday, October 20, 2008

Coming soon to a post office near you


I don't have a problem with any of these choices, but I'd have gone for:
  • Em 4 Jay, Em & Jay in pig masks
  • Tom White, Tom in the punt crossing the Yarra at Spotswood
  • Ten Canoes, the scene with the ten canoes
  • Shine, Geoffrey Rush as the wonderful David Helfgott
  • Everynight, Everynight..., "fucking pooftah!!!"
Something from Head On, Chopper, Babe or The Piano would also make a good choice.


Anonymous said...

Part of me wishes I lived in a world where these were on stamps:

Don's Party - G Kennedy's bizarre toilet-paper gag
Stone - biker decapitation perhaps?
Bliss - the 'fish-smell' sequence
Chopper - ear-slashing
La Spagnola - the cucumber scene

Or maybe not.

Thanks for the blog btw. I've only found it in recent weeks, but I keep finding myself nodding in agreement.

Paul Martin said...

Thanks Anonymous. FWIW, I've not seen Don's Party or Bliss, but I agree that La Spagnola is a great choice.