Thursday, July 10, 2008

MIFF 2008 Program is out

Well, I picked up my advance copy of the MIFF program today. You can get yours in The Age tomorrow (Friday). Checking my records, I got a non-final list (soft copy) late June last year, but no such luck this year. Needless to say, I'm poring over the list and trying to work out how to extract 30-40 films to see from a list of nearly 300. I'll post later which ones I'm going to focus on. It's always a job and a half trying to see everything one wants to (which is impossible - I'd like to see nearly all of them), so it gets down to what's on when, what doesn't conflict.

Like last year, I'll also post a list of which films will get a local release. There's about a dozen or so that I know of, but if anyone has the full list, please post it here or send it to me and I'll post it. Also, any tips of films to see, let me know.


Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah, I'd love to see a lot of them also, but as I wrote on my blog today I'm not going to be able to this year. My current job situation is that I am not sure what days I am working from week to week outside of Sat/Sun so I may just try and find some titles I really want to see and go for single tickets.

Also, I don't have the cash for a passport this year. Such a shame. The program looks incredible.

Paul Martin said...

Glenn, I'm not sure whether it's in the program or on the website, but there's a screening of Not Quite Hollywood in Geelong, that you may like to catch.

Maureen said...

so what's with MIFF having a closing night film that has already screened in Melbourne as part of this year's Spanish Film Festival? I also noticed that the German film "The wave" is screening. This was on at this year's German Film Festival, and is supposed to be getting a release through Palace as it was sold out at the Festival. I missed it at the GFF, so may see it at MIFF, at least it'll be cheaper on the passport. Really need to know what's being released of the MIFF films. I couldn't find too many

Glenn said...

Thanks for the info Paul. That sounds like a treat.

Paul Martin said...

Maureen, I wasn't aware those films had already screened locally. A quick check of the respective websites confirms what you've stated. The screening of a closing night that has already been seen locally is particularly odd. I suppose that's MIFF's prerogative. After all, they are screening a large number of films that are getting either a local cinema or DVD release. I'll post this information soon.

No sweat, Glenn.