Monday, May 12, 2008

Michelangelo Antonioni Retrospective

I have just received a bulletin with details of the world premiere of the complete restoration of all the films by Michelangelo Antonioni, screening at the Cinema Nova from 23 - 29 March. The films are screening as part of the Melbourne Italian Festival (22 March - 8 June). Readers may recall that Antonioni passed away last year, on the same day as that other cinema great, Ingmar Bergman.

I've only seen Antonioni's The Passenger, which screened on The Astor's mighty screen a couple of years ago. I liked aspects of it, but not completely, but am keen to catch up with some of his other films. All 18 features and 17 shorts are screening (that's impressive, and it's a helluva lot of films to squeeze into 7 days!). Any recommendations as to which films I should try to see are appreciated.

The full schedule is as follows:

Fri 23 May
7.00 Official Opening: Blow Up (110m) – Invite Only
9.30 Chronicle of Love (110m)

Sat 24 May
11.00 The Girlfriends (90m)
1.30 The Eclipse (125m)
4.00 Identification of a Woman (128m)
7.00 The Adventure (145m)
9.30 Blow Up (110m)

Sun 25 May
12.00 The Cry (102m)
2.30 The Red Desert (120m)
5.00 Shorts and documentaries (1943 – 1953) - Prog 1 (80m) - see below
7.00 The Passenger (124m) & The Last Sequence of the Passenger (12m)
9.30 The Night (121m)

Mon 26 May
5.15 The Lady Without Camelias (105m)
7.30 Chung Kuo China (240m total)

Tues 27 May
7.00 Love in the City (Suicide Attempt) 20m & The Vanquished (110m)
9.30 Beyond the Clouds (113m)

Wed 28 May
5.15 Shorts and documentaries (1978 – 1997) Prog 2 (88m) - see below
7.00 The Oberwald Mystery (123m)
9.30 Making a film for me is to live (60m) & The gaze that changed Cinema (60m)

Thurs 29 May
5.00 (By Popular Demand Session) & With Michelangelo (15m)
7.30 Official Closing: Zabriskie Point (110m) and The Gaze of Michelangelo (15m)

PROGRAM 1 (Shorts) 80m
(Suicide Attempt) Love In The City
The Funicular of Mt Faloria (Vertigo)
The Villa Of Monsters
Seven Reeds, One Suit
People Of The Po Valley
Waste Collection
The Loving Lie

PROGRAM 2 (Shorts) 88m
Returning to Lisca Island
Kumbha Mela
Roma ‘90
Noto, Mandorli, Vulcano, Stromboli, Carnevale
Antonioni Seen By Antonioni (TBC)

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filmnut said...

I attended the Antonioni retrospective at Palace George cinema in late 2006 and it was great to see his films on the big screen. For me, his out-and-out masterpieces are L'Eclisse and L'Avventura. Gorgeous b&w cinematography and haunting images and scenes. Must-sees.