Sunday, September 09, 2007

Upcoming Melbourne film events

The weeks after MIFF have been relatively quiet on the film front, but there's much on the horizon. Most notable are:
  • A season of Czech films at Melbourne Cinémathèque for the next three weeks (starting this week)
  • ACMI is screening the controversial omnibus film, Destricted (for four days Thurs. Sept. 13)
  • An ACMI Focus on Peter Whitehead (starts Fri. Sept. 14)
  • The Italian Film Festival (starts Wed. Sept. 19)
  • Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF, starts Thurs. Sept. 20)
  • Victor Erice's acclaimed film The Spirit of the Beehive (1973) screens at the Erwin Rado Theatrette on Thurs. Sept. 27. Note: this is a terrific companion film to Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. Superficially they are completely different films, but thematic twins.
  • An ACMI Focus on François Ozon, one of my favourite contemporary French directors (stars Thurs. Oct. 5)
  • Another ACMI Focus, this one on Catherine Breillat, another French director who makes challenging films (starts Thurs. Oct. 25)
  • The Festival of Jewish Cinema at ACMI (starts Thurs. Nov. 8)
On top of that, there's the theatrical release of various films. The highlights for me are:
  • Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg, opens Oct. 25)
  • Angel (François Ozon, opens Nov. 1)
  • Death Proof (Quentin Tarantino, opens Nov. 1)
  • Rescue Dawn (Werner Herzog, opens Nov. 8)
  • Inland Empire (David Lynch, opens Nov. 15)
Check out the Calendar of Film Events in the sidebar for further details.


Kat(hleen) said...

Hi Paul,

I had a post ages ago about my thoughts of ACMI - which you commented on. I retract some of my Sydney-is-better failed rhetoric, and adore the fact there is a focus on Czech cinema.

All too often we receive focus on 'Russian' or one of the great other powers in WWII, but I've not been witness to a Czech focus. Fascinating country, so rich with engaging history.

Did you happen to catch much of this, and if so could I ask an enormous favour, and ask if there was anything you could point me in direction of?


Paul Martin said...

Kathleen, the Czech screenings start on Wednesday and go for three weeks. I've not seen any of them previously and look forward to seeing as many of them as I can. For more details, check out my Google calendar in the sidebar, though it seems to be displaying oddly at present.

As for the Melbourne/Sydney thing. Sydney is better, Melbourne is not. There, we can all breathe better now. ;)

Ali said...

Hi Paul,

Do you know where the Irwin Radio theatre is and what time Beehive starts?

Paul Martin said...

Ali, the Erwin Rado Theatrette (pardon my earlier mis-spelling) is at 211 Johnston Street, Fitzroy. It's located under MIFF's offices. The screening is at 8pm. Sorry, but the darn calendar is playing up.

ali said...

Thanks Paul, that's just around the corner :)

Your blogging discipline is astounding!

czech you at the cteq, ahem, I couldn't help myself.

Kat(hleen) said...

My reading powers have obviously left me!

I'll make sure to keep an eye out.