Sunday, August 19, 2007

October events added to Calendar

The Melbourne Film Blog calendar of film events (in the sidebar) has been updated with dates for October. Some upcoming highlights include:
  • The Italian Film Festival screening at Palace Como, Westgarth and Balwyn cinemas (19 September to 8 October)
  • ACMI's Focus on François Ozon (4 - 14 October)
  • ACMI's Seniors Film Festival (8 - 12 October)
  • ACMI's Focus on Catherine Breillat (starts 25 October to date TBC)
  • Opening 4 October: Away From Her (Sarah Polley)
  • Opening 25 October: Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg) & Waitress (Adrienne Shelley)


Geist said...

This is off-topic, just a heads-up. Over on D. Bordwell's blog (he of Bordwell & Thompson cinema studies textbook fame), there's currently a nice discussion of hand-held camera shots in contemp cinema - he cheekily refers to it as Queasicam.

The hand-held cam was one of the problems i perceived with The Mourning Forest, kept jolting the passage into mourning, imo.

Paul Martin said...

Yes, fair comment, Gheist. And I noted it myself at the time. I have read that article, but I haven't been following any comments. I find that one of the most interesting blogs that I've found.

Anonymous said...

Also very interesting are the (lengthy) reviews on the blog. just another fyi :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm this interface keeps stuffing up the a href referer links. sorry about that.