Friday, July 10, 2009

Other MIFF 2009 Blogs

Keep an eye on this page: I'll be adding links to fellow MIFF 2009 bloggers, the sites I go to to compare notes and get the lowdown on what's happening at MIFF.

If you know of any other worthwhile MIFF blogs or resources, please submit the URL to me and I'll add it.


Cinema Autopsy said...

Thanks for providing the link Paul and yes indeed, I will be blogging about MIFF in the guise of short mini reviews on what I have seen.


richardwatts said...

Like Thomas, I will also be blogging about MIFF - lots of short, sharp mini-reviews, like last year. Thanks for the link, Paul!

Paul Martin said...

No sweat, guys. I'm just spreading the love, and I look forward to your posts, both to compare notes and for my own information-gathering.

GGBlog said...

Hello Paul, I will be blogging my MIFF experiences this year at - I hope you enjoy them.
Will post my viewing schedule next week.
A little surprised that QT sold out so quickly - would be a bit of thrill in the right context but not for an extra $55 and not when the film opens straight after the Festival!

Paul Martin said...


Anonymous said...
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