Thursday, July 09, 2009

MIFF 2009 films with a release

Some people like to be able to say "I saw it first". Occasionally I'm one of those, but mostly I try to see films at MIFF that aren't getting a theatrical release. Good releases are so few and far between these days that it's nice to have something to watch when they come out throughout the year.

As I've done in previous years, I'm compiling a list of films that have a confirmed release. Details are, of course, subject to change. Titles marked with an asterisk are also being introduced and followed by Q&A sessions, presumably with the director and possibly others (keep an eye on MIFF's website for details from this Friday 20 July) so, depending on the film and how much you value Q&As (I rate them highly), you may or may not want to see a film first at MIFF.

Inglourious Basterds is the only title below without a Q&A, being introduced only (by Tarantino) at what will be the Australian premiere, though that session costs $55 ($50 for MIFF members, and MIFF festival passes do NOT get you entry!).

Keep an eye on this page as I expect to add more titles as information comes to hand. And please let me know of any other release dates that I may have missed.

[Last updated 25/7/09 12:52 AM

  • $9.99 *, Icon, 17/9/09
  • 10 Conditions of Love, The, (Nova), 13/8/09
  • Amreeka, Sharmill, 22/10/09
  • Antichrist, Transmission, 2010 TBC
  • Balibo *, M, Paramount, 13/8/09
  • Big River Man, M, Umbrella, 20/8/09
  • Blessed *, MA, Icon, 10/9/09
  • Bran Nue Dae, Transmission, 26/11/09
  • Bronson *, Madman, 6/8/09
  • Che Part 1 & 2, Transmission, 1/10/09
  • Coraline, Universal, 6/8/09
  • Cove, The *, M, Madman, 20/8/09
  • Eden is West, M, Jump Street/Sharmill, 20/8/09
  • Education, An, Paramount/Transmission, 22/10/09
  • Flame & Citron, Rialto, 10/9/09
  • Food Inc., Rialto, 22/10/09
  • Girlfriend Experience, The, Icon, 6/9/09
  • Hurt Locker, The, Roadshow, 22/10/09
  • Inglourious Basterds *, Universal, 20/8/09
  • It Might Get Loud, Sony, TBC
  • Looking for Eric, Icon, 24/9/09
  • Loved Ones, The *, Madman, 5/11/09
  • Louise-Michel, Vendetta, Sep 2009 TBC
  • Martyrs, Kojo, 29/9/09
  • Moon, M, Sony, 8/10/09
  • Morphia, single screening only at Russian Resurrection Film Festival, 26/8/09
  • Mother, Madman, TBC
  • Prime Mover, M, Transmission, 29/10/09
  • September Issue, The, Madman, 20/8/09
  • Tears For Sale, Icon, TBC
  • Thirst, MA, Madman, TBC 2009 (currently screening in Sydney)
  • Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, The *, M, Rialto, 8/10/09
  • Tyson, Hopscotch, 6/8/09
  • Valentino: The Last Emperor, Hopscotch, 17/9/09
  • Van Diemen's Land *, Madman, 24/9/09

The following have a local distributor, but no confirmation of a release. Many will be DVD releases, some may get a theatrical release, and some neither:

  • Black Dynamite, Hopscotch
  • Burrowers, The, Lionsgate
  • Chaser, The, MA, Madman
  • Chocolate, Madman
  • Dead Snow, Madman
  • Dogtooth, Madman
  • Eden Lake, Madman, DVD, 9/9/09
  • Eden Log, Roadshow
  • Humpday, Madman
  • In the Loop, Madman
  • Kisses, Madman
  • Letter to Anna, Accent, DVD
  • Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress and the Tangerine, Madman
  • Maradona by Kusturica, Hopscotch
  • Red Riding Trilogy, MA, Madman, DVD, 9/9/09
  • Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect, Madman
  • Sky Crawlers, The, Sony, 7/10/09
  • Still Walking, G, Madman
  • Thriller in Manila, Shock DVD (DVD only, 14/8/09)
  • Tony Manero, Vendetta
  • Town Called Panic, A, Madman
  • Unmade Beds, Madman
  • Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman, Madman
  • White Lightnin', Madman
  • White Ribbon, The


Cinema Autopsy said...

This is great - thanks Paul!

Anonymous said...

But will they all be released in cinemas? In recent years, I found that many films did have local distribution but just went straight to DVD so MIFF may be your only chance to see it on the big screen.

Anonymous said...

Madman picked up Dogtooth.

Paul Martin said...

That's the risk, Anonymous. The dates I posted are indicated as cinema release dates. Those marked TBC may not make it to the big screen. But the nature of release dates is always an inexact science and subject to change. Madman, in particular, often release titles straight to DVD.

Is there a source for the info about Dogtooth that I can verify?

Anonymous said...

Source for Dogtooth? You can say its Deep Throat. Believe me, it's true.

Anonymous said...

More release info from Deep Throat:

Tony Manero - Vendetta Films

Anonymous said...

The White Ribbon - Madman (possibly, but definitely has been picked up locally)

Paul Martin said...

Anonymous, I take it you work for an exhibitor? As far as Vendetta are concerned, they're still waiting on interest from cinemas for confirmation of screening of Tony Manero. Either way, thanks for the tips, and I'll keep my ears open.

I've updated this page with quite a lot of additional info - some from the distributors and some from the MIFF guide, which you probably all have by now.

Al said...

I can offer one tidbit I'm aware of: The Burrowers is out on DVD in August.

Other random MIFF comments:
- the program is bigger! I mean, the printed item itself has grown a few cm taller, making it a rather awkward backpack squeeze. Guess it'll get even more torn up than usual this year. Of course I keep a pristine one for the archives... :)

- the Eros + Massacre package looks like it could be amazing, one of those excavations of mind-blowing stuff that festivals do so well.

- plenty more to look forward to. New Denis (with visit!), Grandrieux, Bigelow, Haneke, Arnold, Pen-ek... I'm still working through the program...

- perhaps this will be the year I start my own blog instead of writing really long comments here?! Or as well as, perhaps. ;)

Paul Martin said...

If you're going to start a blog, Al, you better get a move on. You'd want it to be in place, bugs ironed out, before the festival starts.

Samantha said...

thanks for this Paul its so helpful when you're cutting down yr list!

Al said...

Actually Paul, I've already set one up, I'm just one of those million lamebrains who set up a blog, write one post, and never get round to doing more. And yet I hand around other people's blogs and forums, writing away... curious.

Paul Martin said...

If you start using it, Al, leave a link and we can check it out. This is all about creating community and dialogue around film. My focus is on Melbourne and Australia, but I read blogs from all over the world.

Unknown said...

An easy way is to look at the distributor listed in the film details, if you see Madman/Siren/etc then you can be sure the film will get a general release.

There are always films that are one-off screenings and some documentaries have never been released like the "MC5 A True Testimonial" and "Breath Control - History of the Human Beatbox" that I still get people asking to get in touch with the director for and I reviewed it seven years ago.

Paul Martin said...

Actually, Tim, that isn't quite accurate. Just because a local distributor has the rights to a film doesn't mean it will get a release. I expect that most of the films in my second list - those without a confirmed release date - will either get a DVD release or nothing at all.

As an example, Tony Manero is being negotiated by the distributor for a cinema release but so far hasn't reached an agreement with any of the exhibitors.

The release dates I've published are all confirmed by the ditributors. With the others, you can't assume anything.

Anonymous said...

Do you reckon Thirst and Mother will definitely get a cinema release in Melbourne in the future? You've listed them as TBC..I ask because they're clashing with other films I want to see at MIFF and don't want to risk missing out on them.

Paul Martin said...

Anon, I'm pretty good at reading tea leaves, but not so good at predicting theatrical releases. The TBC to me indicates that they may or may not get a theatrical release. It all depends on what is screening when, and how what is screening at the time is doing. If the exhibitors can find a slot, they'll take it. I've heard good things about both and you're going to have to make a call.

For me, The White Ribbon is must-see and it doesn't have a confirmed release. So I'm not going to risk missing it; I'll see it at MIFF. That's my call; you'll have to make your own.

Anonymous said...

surely with the success of hidden, the white ribbon will get a release? and it proves miff must not be a huge calling card if they were only given digibeta copy of it when there are surely many 35mm prints floating around. this may be a misprint in the program though as has happened in the past.

all i know is B+W and digibeta don't mix so well so i'm not bothering with the miff screening.

Paul Martin said...

Anon, you'd think any Haneke film would get a release, and it's rumoured to, but no confirmation yet that I'm aware of. Note that the medium is not digiBeta but HDSR which I presume is high def. something. Anyone?

Paul Martin said...

HDSR = High Definition Superior Resolution

Paul Martin said...

According to Variety, The White Ribbon is "immaculately crafted in beautiful black-and-white and entirely absorbing through its longish running time". HDSR also appears to be the format in which it screened at Cannes.

Glenn said...

By the way, "Bran Nue Dae" is probably looking at a 2010 release. According to Inside Film, anyway, since the film doesn't actually have a distrib and 2009 is packed with Aussie films so they're thinking March of next year.

Paul Martin said...

It is a bumper crop of Australian films, Glenn. There's even one coming out mid-MIFF - Lake Mungo opens on July 30. I have closing night tickets, and I'm looking forward to seeing Bran Nue Dae, but it's hardly on my must-see list. It looks like a good film to see at the end of the festival.

Anonymous said...

Madman website has listed the cinema release date for 'Mother' - 11/12/2009

Paul Martin said...

Anon, I've never found distributor websites a reliable source of release dates. They are not updated regularly.

JOhn said...

Hi Paul thanks for your list. LIke you I try to leave any commercial release films for later.